Steve Legge's Real Estate Marketing Plan

As an experienced Sales and Marketing professional I use my ability to analyze current market trends and provide accurate information to assist you in getting the highest price for your property, in the shortest time, based on the current market conditions. Information, technology, and time play a key role in real estate sales and by providing my clients with a multi-dimensional marketing plan that is custom-tailored to their needs I am able to ensure successful results.

In addition, The Whistler Real Estate Co. is a member of the flagship luxury marketing program of Leading Real Estate Companies of the World - the international real estate network that participates in more million-dollar-plus luxury transactions than any other single real estate organization.

Every seller will have a custom marketing plan developed based on the type of real estate being sold. Some of the tactics included in each marketing plan are:

Properties being marketed will have an extensive world wide web presence including:

Listing on Six separate website sites:

Additional online presence through:

  • Targeted e-mails to my Database of over 1,000 prospective buyers
  • Advertising in Steve’s e-mail online newsletter
  • Regular updates on the Whistler Listing System Electronic Bulletin Board to keep all Whistler Realtors (approximately 120) updated on your property.
  • Marketing and Advertising will include:
    • Advertising in various publications (on rotation): Whistler Pique News Magazine, Whistler Question, The Northshore News, Homes & Land Magazine, Calgary Herald
    • Advertising (Luxury properties) in national and international publications including Unique Homes, The Globe and Mail, Wall Street Journal
    • Just Listed / Just Sold’ direct mail campaign
    • Listed in the Whistler Real Estate Company glossy quarterly real estate magazine
    • Detailed marketing package prepared on each property including digital photographs, home details, floor plans and revenue statements (if applicable)
    • Office window display including details and feature photograph (high traffic tourist location)
    • Presented to all licensed realtors (approximately 120) in Whistler through the weekly realtor tour
    • Public open houses (when appropriate)
    • North America toll free direct line for prospective buyers
    • For Sale sign installed in front yard (if applicable)


In addition to the above marketing tactics I will design a marketing program tailored to your specific requirements and nature of the home we are selling. Video’s and custom websites are available to showcase your special home as well as any other tactics that will showcase it to prospective buyers around the world.

To all my clients I give my personal Service Guarantee that I will do everything possible to promote your property in the most advantageous manner through utilization of the most up to date marketing opportunities. All my work for you will be conducted with the highest level of integrity and service and will be transacted in a timely, efficient manner.

Calculating the Value of your Property in Whistler

There are a number of factors to consider when "pricing" (calculating the value of) your home and they will have a direct impact on the final selling price. I guide you through this process as it is the most important factor in selling your home. As a highly successful and experienced sales and marketing executive I will use my ability to analyze current Whistler market trends and provide accurate information to assist you in getting the highest price for your home, in the shortest time, based on the current market conditions.

Some of the factors to consider in the process are:

  • What are the current market conditions in terms of sales activity?
    Greater buyer demand for real estate typically brings higher selling prices, just as lower demand will typically result in lower selling prices and slower sales. However, this isn’t always true and each home needs to be evaluated on its own merit.
  • What is the quality and condition of your home in regards to the current competition?>
    Buyers are looking for the best value for their investment dollars and in Whistler most of the buyers are well educated on the current market conditions and the other similar properties available for sale. When buyers are shopping the competition, typically their emotions about a home is the deciding factor. The best way to evoke buyers' emotions is to present your home in the best condition possible (clean, neat, good repair, fresh paint (if needed), upgrade any items that are tired and worn out as well as freshening up the landscaping (if applicable).
  • When is the best time to sell?
    This isn’t always in our control but if you have the choice when to sell your home the most obvious answer is when the demand is highest. The demand for Whistler real estate use to seem endless but as property values increased buyers became more selective in the properties they wanted to buy and sales slowed down. Now outside market conditions (such as the value of homes in other areas of British Columbia and Canada as well as overall economic conditions of British Columbia, Canada and North America) play a bigger role in pricing and selling homes in Whistler.

My services include a free consultation with prospective sellers to discuss current conditions and marketing as well as a free market evaluation of your home. You will get an accurate understanding of the current market conditions as well as an accurate selling price for your home.

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I work with the Whistler Real Estate Company, our listings are part of an internationally recognized leader in resort property sales. We are also affiliated with Leading Real Estate Companies of the World. Listings also appear in various print media too, included are local news papers, and our own Whistler Real Estate Magazine. All my listings are available to view on my website as well. My website is optimized for Whistler Real Estate searches on Google which maximizes the marketing coverage.

In short I am prepared to use as many resources as possible to give your property as much exposure as needed to sell.


Many sellers use statistics to guide them in making a better decision as to what time of year is best to sell and choosing the right price. Download or view some annual statistics from my “Stats” found in my Newsletter.

If you are considering purchasing a home or property in Whistler or Pemberton please see my “Buyers” section.

Real Estate Commission

Please call me regarding my fees. (Plus 5% GST)

Selling Costs

Along with removing your personal items and possible furnishings, clearing of the title including discharging a mortgage and any other encumbrances on title will be your main costs. Typical costs range from $700 to $1500, but this you need to confirm with a Lawyer or Notary.